Buckley, White, Castaneda & Howell, L.L.P., a registered Texas limited liability partnership, including professional corporations, is a firm of five (5) attorneys engaged in a general civil practice with offices in Houston, Texas. Buckley, White, Castaneda & Howell, L.L.P. was founded in 1994 as a litigation, real estate, and energy specialty firm. The Firm quickly gained a widespread reputation for its expertise in the civil litigation, real estate, and energy fields. In 1996, the Firm began expanding its practice to other areas of litigation which encompassed commercial and personal injury litigation, trucking, car, motor vehicle accident litigation, oil, gas and energy litigation, commercial real estate litigation, banking and financial institution litigation, medical company and physician litigation, individual litigation, third party property claims, insurance litigation (energy, professional, director’s and officer’s, products, subrogation, and premises liability), insurance coverage and bad faith disputes, corporate transactions, oil and gas title examinations, business mergers and acquisitions, and other types of business and personal representation. The Firm represents clients throughout Texas, the United States, and several foreign countries. At present, the Firm’s original specialty areas remain preeminent in the Firm’s practice, with a majority of the Firm’s attorneys practicing in the areas of commercial and personal injury litigation, real estate, and oil, gas and energy.


The Firm’s practice includes the following areas: commercial and personal injury litigation, including, but not limit to, trucking, car and motor vehicle accidents, banking and financial; construction; consumer; oil, gas and energy; environmental; medical companies and physicians, insurance, (including energy, professional, director’s and officer’s, products, subrogation, and premises liability); insurance coverage and bad faith disputes, and commercial real estate; trials and appeals in state and federal courts. Detailed descriptions of the Firm’s areas of practice begin on page three (“Description of Practice Areas”).

The Firm’s clients include individuals, partnerships, trusts, and publicly-held and closely-held corporations, including, but not limited to, banking and financial institutions, oil, gas and energy companies, real estate companies, medical companies, construction companies, and insurance companies. While the Firm is not formally organized into sections, each of its attorneys specializes in one or more areas of practice. The Firm, therefore, has the flexibility to call on attorneys with the expertise required to handle a particular matter, which contributes to its efficiency, and the ability to serve clients with multi-faceted needs.


The Firm’s commitment is to provide its clients with high quality, personalized, and cost-effective legal services. To that end, the Firm’s attorneys are highly motivated professionals with superior legal ability, experience, and expertise in a wide range of legal specialties and business fields. Recognizing the needs of its clients, the Firm has successfully achieved a reputation for consistently cost-effective and timely results. In addition, the Firm places a strong emphasis on thorough, responsive, and timely communication with its clients.


The Firm’s goals are to provide quality legal services, while being responsive to our clients’ needs, and striving to achieve our clients’ goals at reasonable and competitive rates. The Firm accepts representation on hourly fee and expense basis, contingency fee basis, or a combination of hourly fee and expense/contingency fee basis. Statements for legal services rendered on an hourly fee and expenses basis are ordinarily sent monthly, subject to client instruction to the contrary. The Firm recognizes its client’s needs to budget for legal expenses ; therefore the Firm attempts to discuss costs in advance, while fully discussing both the Firm’s, and the client’s, expectations with regard to billing matters. The Firm also undertakes the prosecution and trial on a contingent basis of significant contested personal injury and commercial matters.